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February 2010
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My 6 Weeks Crown Jewels

Semalam, cukup dah 6 weeks umur Lil Hazel. Kejap jer kan? Duk tingat lagi time kuar beli pregnancy test kit tu kat IKANO, balik test and happy together with dahling. Pastu tingat jugak camner kitorang hadapi dugaan time pregnant tu. Kering airmata asek menanges. Alhamdulillah.. selamat.

Ni pun asek teringat lagi time kat spital. Windu plak nak membuyung lagi. Pukul berapa berapa pun makaaaan jer. Makan every 2 hours tu. Lagi besh.. semua orang asek beli menda makan incl. FIL. Everytime kuar, mesti ada something yang dia belikan utk menantu dia ni makan. Best !

Dahling, lets make babies lagik. Wahahaha.. after all, Dr Awang kata cuti for 6 mths jer. Lepas tu bleh ON balik. Woww weee.. Tak lah. Bukan this year lagi kut. Nak manja manja ngan Hazel dulu. Tapi kut kut bleh dapat besfren utk dadda pun besh eh. Memi dah ada bff ni haa. Tinggal bff memi takleh ajak berjalan jer lagi. Tak sabar ni.. bleh kiter kuar beli kasut sama sama, beli bra n panties sama sama. Syioknyaaaa.. :8

Hazel’s Dev.

Week 1
It’s only been a week, but already your newborn knows she can rely on you. By now, she can recognize your voice. Hearing her parents’ familiar voices helps her adjust to the strange new world outside the womb and lets her know that she’s not alone. So the more you talk to her, the better. She can’t understand your words, but your love comes through loud and clear.

- Bila dengar my voice, mesti nak merengek. Manja tul !

Week 2
This week, your baby can focus on objects 8 to 14 inches away–just about the distance between his eyes and yours during feedings. In fact, babies this age prefer faces to other objects. By looking at him during his meals, you’ll encourage him to practice focusing. As you feed him, move your head slowly from side to side and see if his eyes follow you. This helps build his eye muscles and tracking skills.

- Hazel suka pejam mata time hisap pek. Mesti tertidur lepas isap pek. Sampai meleleh jer susu tu..

Week 3
Though her movements are still random and jerky, your baby can control her body in one amazing way by this week. She can snuggle! As you hold her, watch how she adjusts her posture towards you. She finds your arms and even your scent calming and comforting. There couldn’t be a more perfect and relaxing way for the two of you to bond.

- Yes. Agreed. Time feeding pun, dia mesti nak smell memi’s scent eh.

Week 4
Have you noticed your baby using his vocal chords in ways other than crying? He may coo and make “ahh” sounds this week, especially when he sees mom or dad. Babies learn by mimicking–so replay his sounds back to him. He not only loves the attention, but he’s also finding out that his voice has power: he calls, you appear!

- Memang. Even in her sleep pun still “aahh”. My Hazel memang attention seeker.

Kaki mesti nak silang. Dari dalam perut lagi.

Kaki mesti nak silang. Dari dalam perut lagi.

Week 5
This week, your baby’s movements are becoming smoother and more purposeful–those random, jerky motions are beginning to disappear. She’s not ready for gym class, but try to give her time each day for using her body. You can give her a gentle mini-workout by slowly pulling her to a sitting position, or letting her “fly” by resting her tummy-down on your forearm. Always support her head.

- Belum try lagi mini-workout ni. Will try it by today.

Week 6
It wasn’t gas! At about this age, your baby will flash an adorable gummy grin that is his first genuine smile. How can you tell? His eyes will brighten and widen as he moves his mouth upwards. By smiling back and cooing to him, you’ll do more than get another smile. You’re teaching him that his actions cause a reaction–with pleasant results!

- Yes.. memang dah start smiling to everybody. Siap nampak gusi kiut yang keras suka kunyah puting memi tu. Memang adorable sangat :love:

Hazel disyaki akan menjadi manja. Ada memi & dadda yang 24 jam duk depan mata dia jer. Skang ni pun, dia dah tau bila merengek sket mesti ada jer orang layan. 24 jam nak merengek ok. Dadda dia ni pun penyayang lah sangat, suka duk riba/dukung sambil dodoi. Meh dukung memi ni sekali. Tingin nak rasa kene dukung skang ni.. wakakaka..

Ni Hazel tengah lena. Yelah, semalam tak berapa nak tidur lena dia ni. Tak tau pasal apa. Ini pun tidur sambil berbunyi. Ada jer bunyi dia nak buat… tapi tak seseram malam aritu. Ada ke dia gelak dalam tidur. Dah laaa pukul 4 pagi gitu, gelap gelita jer bilik ni. Tup tup dengar sore Hazel terkekek gelak. Eh, ke sora menda lain? :p  Kakutttttt !

P/S : Dah ngantuk ni plak. Pukul 12.30 tgh jer baru. Aiyark…

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